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New Member

rps behavior

hello all

I've this little problem

I need to connect an important switch to rps power, I'm testing this operation on another offline identical switch.

When I connect rps to the switch, rps led on the switch start blinking amber (from manual I can see that in this case, rps send power to the switch).

Now I can disconnect network power and switch remains up.

But when I reconnect network power, rps led continue to blink amber, and if I disconnect rps cable (or if I click active/standby button on the rps), switch reboot...

How can I advice the switch to restart using network power, without need to reboot it?




Re: rps behavior


which type of switch and which type of RPS are you using?

When using an RPS 2300 and a C3560-E and C3750-E, the switch cqn revert back to its own power source without reboot. All other models will reboot when going from RPS power source back to normal power source.

"When backed up by a Cisco RPS 2300, a Cisco Catalyst 3750-E or 3560-E Series Switch is capable of reverting back to its own power supply without rebooting. All other devices may reboot when reverting back to their own power supplies"

You should know that an RPS is normally used to backup a switch that has suffered internal power supply failure.

To backup a switch in case the power circuit fails, you should use a UPS.



New Member

Re: rps behavior

switch is WS-C3550-24 and rps 300...

thanks for your reply...


Super Bronze

Re: rps behavior

Hopefully, I'll be corrected, but I believe you might not be able to revert to main power w/o the switch reload.


Looks like it depends on the switch. Thanks Dario.

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