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RRoCE v2.0 mode was requested, but it is not supported.

Customer is using N5k, connecting W2012 R2 host, as well as a W2012 R2 host acting as a SMB3 fileserver.

They use RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE), and receive the following error message

SingleFunc_32_0_0: RRoCE v2.0 mode was requested, but it is not supported. The NIC starts in RRoCE v1.5 mode.

NOTE: If your environment contains mix of different NIC types, you need to make sure that the whole environment is configured to use the same RoCE mode,

otherwise the traffic between the different NICs does not work.

interface Ethernet1/13

priority-flow-control mode on

flowcontrol send off

flowcontrol receive off


Global QoS Config

class-map type qos match-any class-rdma

  match cos 3

class-map type queuing class-rdma

  match qos-group 4

policy-map type qos rdma-policy

  class class-rdma

    set qos-group 4

  class class-default

policy-map type queuing rdma-queuing-policy

  class type queuing class-rdma

    bandwidth percent 60

  class type queuing class-default

    bandwidth percent 40

class-map type network-qos class-rdma

  match qos-group 4

policy-map type network-qos rdma-network-policy

  class type network-qos class-rdma

    pause no-drop

  class type network-qos class-default


system qos

  service-policy type network-qos rdma-network-policy

nterface Ethernet1/13

  service-policy type qos input rdma-policy

  service-policy type queuing input rdma-queuing-policy

  service-policy type queuing output rdma-queuing-policy

The end to end link is not working ? Any hints what could be wrong ?

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