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RSPAN - switch impact question?

We have a CUCCe environment with voice recorders connected to the distribution layer L3 switches today. A monitor is applied to the link connecting either end of the 'stack' to the L3 switches. The monitor session filters for the voice vlan on that stack and copies the filtered data into vlan 2. At the distribution L3 switch, we take the data from vlan 2 and copy that to a port connected to the call recording servers.

What is proposed, to facilitate capture of agent>agent - where both agents are on the same stack (or even the same switch), is to set the monitor session source to every (applicable) fast Ethernet port.

However we are concerned that the CPU load will be excessive and impact on overall network performance when the system is under load.

Looking at the SPAN configuration guide, I get the impression that there is no impact on the 3550 or 3560 as the copy is done in the ASIC

Has anyone got any experience of implementing this, if so, was there any impact, or is there anything we should be wary of.


Re: RSPAN - switch impact question?

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