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Running-config on stacked switches (C2960S)

Hi Guys

My company is beginning to have a lot of sites were we are stacking 3 to 4 C2960S-48 switche.

This is making "show running-config" very very long because of the 4 x 48 interfaces.

I can’t find a CLI command that show me the running-config of a ranges of interfaces.
If I for example would like to see running-config for switch 3 (interfaces 3/0/1-52)

The Show Running-config will show all the interfaces (for the two first swtiche = 104 interfaces), which take a time before I reach to switch 3.

I miss a CLI command like:
show Running-config switch 3, or module 3, or

show running-config interface range x/x/x-x

Anyone know a command that can this?

I’m well aware of the CLI command show running-config interface x/x/x, but this will only show me one interface.



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Running-config on stacked switches (C2960S)

I don't think there is a command to show specific Stack member interfaces but you can try the following command for your requirement: "sh run | be 3/0/1" or "sh run | be Gigabitethernet 3/0/1"

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Running-config on stacked switches (C2960S)

Hi Neeraj

It is actually a very useful command.


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Re: Running-config on stacked switches (C2960S)

Here's a useful "filter" other than the "|".

This is on the proviso that you have left the terminal length at default ...

1.  Do a "sh run";

2.  When you hit the "pause" or when the CLI will tell you "--More", hit the "/" and enter, say, "3/0/18".  This will take you to the first instance that has the string "3/0/18".

You can also read this.

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