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RVS4000 and Metro Ethernet

I have a new install coming up where a customer will have 2 sites linked together via a "Metro Ethernet" connection, with a Mitel VOIP system at each end. We usually use RVS4000 routers to provide the inter-VLAN routing for this. Would we also be able to plug the Metro Ethernet link at each end into the WAN port of each router and route both VLANS between sites? Also, Both sites will have a seperate IP subnet for each VLAN (ie. Site "A" will have 192.168.10.x for Data VLAN1, and 192.168.20.x for Voice VLAN2. Site "B" will have 192.168.30.x for Data VLAN1, and 192.168.40.x for VLAN2.) My initial thought is to assign Site "A"'s WAN port with, Site "B"'s WAN port with, then plug the Metro Ethernet into the wan ports at each end and build routes on site "A" pointing to for 192.168.30.x and 192.168.40.x, and vice-versa.

Will this work with the RVS4000?  Thanks in advance!            

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