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Script for autologin & autobackup


Can anyone help me out for the belowproblem:

Is there any script available for auto login and auto backup.since we have around 200+ cisco switches(L2,L3), routers,pix.

since all devices are cofigured with ssh, i need a batch file kind of tool where i'll mention the device IP, username & pass, and the command to run.

So it will be usefull for our management purposes.Could anyone help us on this.

thanks in advance,



Re: Script for autologin & autobackup

I think Script for autologin & autobackup is not available to any of site. It will be better to contact with Cisco because you are using Cisco device. Any way remember following point, it will help you. If configured for autologin, do not also use an applet to prompt for login ID and password. In autologin mode, the applet window will not display correctly and you cannot select user ID or password. It will also lock autologin from working. Use the applet only when autologin is not enabled.

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Re: Script for autologin & autobackup

You might want to look into CiscoWorks. It's not cheap nor free, but for 200+ routers might be worth the price though.

Re: Script for autologin & autobackup

Possible, but it will involve some time to setup.

search the web for TST10 utility for telnet scripting. it has a few examples. Wonderful utility

HTH pls rate if it helps


Re: Script for autologin & autobackup


What anandramapathy is saying is totally workable and i have myself deployed the same..

Problem with Telnet is that unlike ftp you donnt have the command set to execute during the session so what TST10 does is run commands in the telent session

and they have given the example for backup only so your problem will be addressed but take care of few things :-

--> your credentials will be saved in clear text in the script file

--> this will create number of files in cache containing your switch configuration

so you need to delete the cache as all the information will be in clear text.

** one more option is there:-

use snmp based tools which will encrypt the snmp string in their repositry. Free tools are available but hard to find, u need to put some effort on internet if you want to save money.

i have used some free tools long time back but donnt remember the names, we are using ciscoworks for quite a long time.

if you want to do only backup and management is not needed you can save some money and buy Kiwi CAT tools (freeware is avaliable but number device that can be backed up are limited)




Re: Script for autologin & autobackup

I would recommend using rancid. It's a great tool for backup/config management.

Re: Script for autologin & autobackup

This is one is pretty good. YOu can do magic with this. Pretty cheap also.

IOS COnfig editor.

It can edit Running config on the Fly without manually logging into the Router.

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