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Separate networks on one switch solution required

Hi, I am looking to provide a Cisco solution whereby I can provide internet access to 8 separate offices through one shared ADSL internet connection.

Req 1) The offices should be able to connect to the internet.

Req 2) The offices should not be able to communicate with each other.

Req 3) I should be able to enable/disable the network ports using a web interface (should a customer not pay!).

Req 4) No server can be installed.

On the whole I think I need a ADSL modem router connected to a Managed Switch, but just need some clarification of which Cisco products I should get.

Thanks in advance, David


Re: Separate networks on one switch solution required

You should look at a router becuase you will have more control over what is going on (IMHO). Something like a 2811 with a 4 port switch in it should work just fine. You will also want to makes ure you purchase IOS with FW capabilities.

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