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Server teaming

This is new to me. I am doing a basic HP server setup, 2 connections plug to 2 different switches. Configure Load Balance and Failover. Is that possible?

What should i do on HP server teaming and Switch Catalyst 4000 (EtherChannel in order to perform the requirement?

Thank you

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Re: Server teaming


You can do the teaming on HP Server.If the OS is windows 2000 or 2003 you can go to Network tools and create teaming of two network cards.

You will get third lan connection on which you can give the IP for the Team.

Let me know is this what you are looking at or something else..

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Re: Server teaming

When you do this, please realize that you cannot aggregate (combine them for the total bandwidth of the two) the NICs. This will cause flapping events as the switches try and determine which way does it go. You cannot EtherChannel across two switches.

Choose Network Fault Tolerance with Load Balancing in the HP provided NIC configuration software. It is more effective and efficient that the MS equivilent. Assign each NIC it's own IP address.

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Re: Server teaming

Thats true you cannot create etherchannel across multiple switches. You can create across Multiple switches only if they are stacked together.

Another thing trying to check up will you be able to give IP to both the Interfaces if you do a NFT with Load balancing through HP tools. I am not sure because as per my understanding once you do that it creates new Network connection which it bundles.

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Re: Server teaming

I remove the etherchannel setting on both switch. And change the teaming setting accordingly. Please refer to the attachment.

The result is i am getting flapping event. Any idea on what should i choose on teaming setting?

thank you

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Re: Server teaming

Hi there, Im guessing you have resolved your issue by now, but basically it looks like you have a cabling issue on NIC 2. As your adapters are 1000Mb the HP driver will have diagnostics built in to the software or use some mod taps to check all pairs are working. Someone mentioned earlier that if the switches are stacked (3750s) then I do beleive you can create an etherchannel across two switches and utilise both NIC's for inbound and outbound traffic. I personally prefer to force the team at both ends (cisco switch port-channel and HP "switch assisted load balancing").

If you dont have a network cabling issue on NIC 2 then its possible you have a "flow- control" mismatch on one of the team members, check the setting on the switch and HP driver.

Hope this advice helps.

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