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Set Tag Command

I am studing for my CCNP BSCI Official Exam Certification Guide (4th-Edition),

Page 376 shows an example 12-2 of "set tag 1", and "set tag 2", and then just after the example it explains these routes will have a "tag of 2768".

If you wanted a tag of "2768" wouldn't you have to use a command of :

"set tag 2768"

Is this a mis-print in this book or what?

Tks\CCNA Tech-Lee

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Re: Set Tag Command

misprint and you are indeed correct.



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Re: Set Tag Command

Hello Lee,

you're right is an error

Books have some unwanted error inside it is part of the game

Hope to help


Re: Set Tag Command

Hi Giuseppe,

I like your humour when you say "it is part of the game" :). I really laughed in myself for some minutes.

To be a little more seriuos, Cisco's vested interests are that there are many well educated and productive engineers around the world who are able to design, implement and troubleshoot Cisco networks on large scale.

Books containing lots of errors make it more difficult to grasp and digest Cisco networking technology that itself is becoming more and more sophisticated year-by-year, as new features and technologies arise.

This in effect slows down quick application of new features and also the influx of new generation into networking, both causing present and future business loss to Cisco that cannot even be estimated.

So, from Cisco's point of view I don't think it's a very funny game and I would encourage Cisco and Ciscopress to produce clear, easily readable and understandable study materials if they want to be successful in long term.

And I'm saying this because our personal long term success (I hope I can say our) is also tied to the long term business success of Cisco in general.



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Re: Set Tag Command

Hello Istvan,

I agree with you quality of documentation makes the difference.

I don't know if it has been corrected but there is a chapter on etherchannel on ASR that uses an ip address like


I didn't mean it is a funny game and I've mentioned unwanted errors.

Books are the result of a team group with someone preparing the examples other that write the text in the pages.

Hope to help


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