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Setting 2 IP's using DHCP?

G'day to all,

I am setting up DHCP on a Cisco 837 and a Cisco 1841. Id like to know if its possible to give the client PC's 2 IP's each from different subnets. One range will be 172.16.x.x and the other a public IP range 136.x.x.x.

Ive looked and asked everywhere and cant find a solution! Thanks in advance for the help.


Re: Setting 2 IP's using DHCP?

Hello Edward,

This is not possible if you have a single NIC card on the PC. If you have one NIC card, there will be only one MAC address associated with the DHCP server binding and hence the DHCP server will release an IP address for this MAC, from the IP subnet where the PC is located (VLAN).... It wont give a secondary IP for that NIC from some other subnet..

Only way to look out for a solution for your case is to have 2 NIC's on the PC and connect it to 2 different VLANs. Each NIC will then get an ip address from their own VLANs, hence having 2 IP's.... This is really complex at the first case and consumes resources. anyway, its your decision to use it or not !!!

Hope this helps.. all the best.. rate replies if found useful.


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