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Setting up a VLAN

I have 3 4510 Switches on my network. I have a dedicated T1 from an outside Customer that has will have a about 10 users that need to be on this separate network. On each switch, there i 3 ports i need dedicated to this separate network. I assume the best way to handle this is to setup a VLAN....

The T1 is connected into our 3600 router

Which is managed by our WAN group offsite. To utilize this VLAN, Is there a way to avoid having to do any configuring on the router?, or can i do all the configuring on my Switches?...

Thank you

rob davis


Re: Setting up a VLAN

Hi Rob,

If I understand well, the 3 4510 switches are on this side of the router and the 10 users are on the other side of the T1 line.

You need to have a separate "network" for the 10 users + 3x3 user ports on the 3 switches.

If this is true, then I advise the following:

As they are connected through a router, you cannot have a simple vlan connection between the 2 sites.

You need to put the 10 users in a subnet and the 3x3 switchports in another subnet.

As they are connected to different interfaces of the router, there will be a routed connection between the 2 subnets.

If you want a behavior between the 2 subnets that is similar to when they are in one subnet, you can apply acls that will limit the traffic between the 2 subnets in both directions.

If you need help in constructing the acls, please write me and I can help you do this.

On the other hand, if the switches are located on the outside customer premises, you simply can configure a VLAN for these 10 users and connect the 3 switches via trunks.



New Member

Re: Setting up a VLAN

Istvan,. the ten users are in my network. they each have 2 nics one for our network, and the second nic for the other network...

The way it is setup now, there is a separte switch with one connection coming from the router, and a few users plugged into this separate switch, and fiber from this separate switch connecting to another office to accomodate the users who need the connection there. I to get rid of the separate switch, and setup a vlan so i can plug it directly into the 4510R switch, using a vlan... My question to you, will i have to do anything on the Router to make this happen?

thank you

Re: Setting up a VLAN

Sorry Rob, I still haven't got it.

Please draw the connections between the devices using |, -, >, < etc. characters.

Thank you:


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Re: Setting up a VLAN

If I understand what you want to accomplish, it might be as simple as defining 3 access client ports on each 4510 then spanning that vlan across the three 4510s. (The latter could be done either across a trunk, or via a port dedicated to this vlan.) Lastly, connect the router to another port on any of the three 4510 that's also in the same vlan.

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