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Setup of multiple Vlans with Cisco 891 Router

I need some help. Ill admit im a little more then just confused when it comes to configuring cisco routers, and even though i have tried to use the CCP, its not helping. So here is what i am trying to do. I am trying to split up my network into groups or VLANS. Ive read i can either do Vlans or subnetting but VLANs seems to be the way to go. I currently have 3 seperate unmanaged switchs that i am going to be connecting to the router, each one having the seperate groups of computers in it.

What i need to know is how to setup the 3 VLANS on the cisco router so they function on the internet and still have access to eachother. The reason i need the access to eachother is that VLAN 3 will contain our phone systems ACD system on it, which the computers from VLAN 1 and 2 need to still be able to get to via the IP thats set on them of and .72.

Ive tried setting up vlan 2 but i cant get it to work properly and connect to the internet. I made sure the fast ethernet port the switch was plugged into was changed to support vlan 2 traffic only and included the new IP scheme of in the NAT translation but still couldnt get internet access out from that network group. So ive deleted everything i changed and im starting fresh. THe current setup on the router is 1 VLAN supporting all the computers on our network. Any help would be greatly appreicated.

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Re: Setup of multiple Vlans with Cisco 891 Router

Okay so i was thinking a bit more. My issue is right now ive got 1 switch connected to the router and our network is slow. Would having 3 seperate switches connected to the router, seperating departments in the office be enough to reduce network lag, or do i still need to setup seperate vlans/subnets?

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