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SG 30052 MP - Fatal Error Emergency!!!

Hi to all,

up to tonight our SG 300-52MP switch worked fine.
This morning nothing was working because of the following error showing up in the Flash Memory Log ...
The switch only had the power LED on - all the other LEDs were off. But PoE power was available from the switch?!?

2147469018 2014-Jan-13 23:41:56 Emergency %Box-F-INVALID-PARAM-SETTING: Function BOXG_poe_i2c_read_mem_byte: invalid param recv_byte_PTR value = 0 ***** FATAL ERROR ***** Reporting Task: HCPT. Sof tware Version: (date 02-May-2013 time 14:55:01) 0x16acd4 0x167514 0x6adca0 0x485c3c 0x486530 0x486750 0x973aec 0x981c70 0x963454 0x9638e0 0x963abc 0x966db4 0x968370 0x95c95c 0x96bfbc 0x941774 0x943ed8 0x92ac7c 0x92b818 0x121d9c %LINK-E-PortParamNotSupported: Port gi52 doesn't support aut o negotiation: enable parameter ***** END OF FATAL ERROR *****

Do you have any hints on this??

I just restarted the switch and it seems to work again ... but I don't want this to happen again.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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SG 30052 MP - Fatal Error Emergency!!!

Possibly a software bug, but what's on port g52? It would seem that it doesn't like what's on there not being statically set. You may be able to get around this problem by hard coding speed/duplex for that device.


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