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SG200 and Sonicwall Sonicpoints

I am new to VLANs and I am having some difficulties getting this setup properly.

I have two separate buildings connected via fiber, therefore I have no choice with the Sonicpoints and have to use vlans. Plugging in the Sonicpoints (lets say X2 configured as WLAN) directly into the firewall works fine.

Sonicwall NSA 250M Firewall

2x Cisco SG200-26 Switches

x0 = LAN

x0:v10 = Sonicpoints

x0:v50 = Guest WLAN

x0:v100 = Corp WLAN

Main Switch

port 23 to Sonicpoint (access v10 SP connectivity working, VAPs not working) (general v1,10,50,100 SP connectivity not working, VAPs are working)

port 24 to NSA250M (trunk v1,10,50,100)

port 26 to 2nd switch (trunk v1,10,50,100)

2nd Switch

port 23 to Sonicpoint

port 26 to Main switch

I started out with this very helpful site:


Setting the switchports that my Sonicpoints are plugged into as 'Access' is working fine. The issue is when I add two more vlans to separate Corp and Guest wireless as VAPs. I can't obtain a DHCP address from either Corp or Guest DHCP. Although if I set the Sonicpoints switchports to 'General' I can get DHCP leases on both Corp and Guest VAPs. But the Sonicpoints can't talk with the firewall.

Community Member

SG200 and Sonicwall Sonicpoints

ok, looks like I got the SPs working with VAP networks. I had to untag vlan 10 on the Sonicpoint ports on the switch.

Main SG200

GE23 = 10U,50T,100T (to Sonicpoint A)

GE24 = 1UP,10T,50T,100T (to Sonicwall X0)

GE26 = 1UP,10T,50T,100T (to other SG200)

2nd SG200

GE23 = 10U,50T,100T (to Sonicpoint B)

GE26 = 1UP,10T,50T,100T (to Main SG200)

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