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SG300-52MP Voice LAN routes initially then fails

I'm not exactly sure what is going on with my setup, but I have a voice lan that works where the phone is on 192.168.99.x (vlan 10) and the PC is on 192.168.1.x (vlan 1).  The issue that I'm having is when the phone initially boots up - I can ping it, and it will register w/ asterisks, but after about 20 seconds it isn't pingable anymore, and becomes unregistered as a result. 

I've removed the phone from the voice lan and it can be pinged and stays registered all day.  But when I put it back into the voice lan - it only works for 20-30 seconds then ends up failing.  Below is the relivant config - let me know if you need anything else.

Any help on this would be very appreciated,




v1.3.0.62 / R750_NIK_1_3_647_260

CLI v1.0

set system mode router

file SSD indicator encrypted



ssd config

ssd file passphrase control unrestricted

no ssd file integrity control



cdp pdu filtering

no cdp run

no cdp appliance-tlv enable

vlan database

vlan 10


voice vlan id 10

voice vlan state auto-enabled

voice vlan oui-table add 0001e3 Siemens_AG_phone________

voice vlan oui-table add 00036b Cisco_phone_____________

voice vlan oui-table add 00096e Avaya___________________

voice vlan oui-table add 000fe2 H3C_Aolynk______________

voice vlan oui-table add 0060b9 Philips_and_NEC_AG_phone

voice vlan oui-table add 00d01e Pingtel_phone___________

voice vlan oui-table add 00e075 Polycom/Veritel_phone___

voice vlan oui-table add 00e0bb 3Com_phone______________

ip dhcp relay enable

bonjour interface range vlan 1,10

hostname switch43f66d


interface vlan 1

ip address 192.168.1.x

no ip address dhcp

ip dhcp relay enable


interface vlan 10

ip address 192.168.99.x

ip dhcp relay enable


interface gigabitethernet1-48

switchport trunk allowed vlan add 10


no macro auto processing cdp

What am I missing here?

Thanks again,


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New Member

SG300-52MP Voice LAN routes initially then fails


How is your ip phone getting Address?

For Vlan 10,option 66 for tftp address is missing.

can you brief the setup



New Member

SG300-52MP Voice LAN routes initially then fails

Thanks for the reply guru - sorry I was out of town.

These are sip phones - and connect directly to our asterisks server.  Again the issue that I'm having is sort of weird.  The phone gets the correct vlan IP address - the computer gets the correct vlan IP address - you can ping the phone from the computer for about a minute, then pinging fails and the phone stops working until you reboot the phone.  If I place the phone in the same vlan (1) it is pingable forever. 


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