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SG300 L3 & ISA550 creating VLANs - No Internet

Hello all, I'm new to all of this so here's what I have:

The goal will be to have two vlans with intervlan routing and use the ISA as the gatware for both vlans (internet access) so I can experiment around with the firewall and access lists.

I have a SG300 in L3 mode, and a ISA550 Security appliance.

On the switch I have two VLAN's the VLAN 1 as the interface ip, this port is connected to a ISA550 LAN port

The other VLAN 10, contains two ports with the VLAN ip address

The ports in VLAN 10 are set to access mode, the port for VLAN 1 is set to trunk mode, as is the LAN port on the router.

All hosts on each VLAN can ping one another via the intervlan routing (direct connected),   T          

The default gateway on the switch is set to ->

On the ISA the WAN interface is connected to the internet.

Hosts on The VLAN 1 have internet access

Hosts on the VLAN 10 can reach the hosts on VLAN 1 but not the internet, a tracert from a host on VLAN 10 shows that the interface is being reached but after that no go..... * * * * *

This is not a production network or anything like that, I just want to learn how these things work and have be trying this for a while with no results.

Any guidence will be appreciated,


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