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SGE2010 VLAN creation help

hey guys i need some help with VLAN creation on SGE2010 devices.

I want to setup the following VLAN's

1 - 10.0.5.x

123 - 10.0.10.x

124 - 10.0.11.x

125 - 10.0.12.x

I am just trying to figure out exactly how to accomplish this at the moment. I am reading in a few posts that i will need my switches to be in layer 3 mode.

Is this a good starting step?

Thanks for your help,


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SGE2010 VLAN creation help

I am not familiar with the small business line, but in order to route between your vlans you will need a layer 3 device of some sort. If your switch is capable of layer 3 then by all means use it

Once you get your switch into L3, then you can simply add your vlans to the vlan database, configure the vlan interfaces with your ip addresses and you should be good to go.

Here is a thread with more detailed information on this model switch:


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SGE2010 VLAN creation help

so what i think i will do is keep my switches in L2, and my router will take care of the routing for the VLAN's.

Also once i configure all the VLAN's on each switch, do i need a route in between each? Just trying to understand exactly how this is done


SGE2010 VLAN creation help

Hello, with the switch in L2, everything will depend on your router. All network flow is going through the router for each request. The switch will only forward packet, not route them.

Therefore, your router will need to support the vlan tags.  If the router does not have vlan support or good vlan support, the switch should go to L3 mode then you can simply add a static route on the router pointing back to the switch.

The short answer to your question is, No, you do not require any route with the L2 switch.

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SGE2010 VLAN creation help

ok perfect so thats what i have done.

So one more question.

With each switch now i would need to switch the interface settings to general for the actual fibre links between each switch? Or could i switch all to general for full 802.1Q mode? (according to the manual)


SGE2010 VLAN creation help

The fibre connections generally don't care what the port mode is in terms of trunk, general etc. The problem with trunk and access mode is the ingress filtering cannot be disabled, unlike general port mode it can be.

It really just depends on your network but trunk or general works equally.

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