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sh policy-map int = offered rate vs conformed.

Hi, I tried to use the policy-map in a router 7500 to limit the bandwidth to 2Mbps but what I see in the "sh policy-map int" as "30 second offered rate" is what I see in my MRTG grafic utilization tool. What is the real transmition rate int the "sh policy-map int"? "30 second offered rate" or "conformed"?

access-list 1 permit any

class-map match-all class1

match access-group 1

policy-map BW2048k-8000

class class1

police 2048000 8000 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop

sh policy-map int ...

30 second offered rate 2547000 bps, drop rate 662000 bps

conformed 2001000 bps, exceed 662000 bps

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Re: sh policy-map int = offered rate vs conformed.

The confirmed rate will be allowed by the interface and the packets exceeding the conformed will be droped by RED or WRED as a congestion management process.

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Re: sh policy-map int = offered rate vs conformed.

Thanks r-simpson, all my reserach confirm what you say, but when I take utilization graphics using MRTG (a SNMP based tool) I get the offered rate instead the actual confirmed rate. Do you have any idea about why this happens or how to get the real bandwidth allowed by the policy.

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