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Shady problem with power supply for C4500-X

We got some strange stuff going on, with some of our C4500-X boxes. We got amber leds on the a couple of PSUs, but they still works and delivers power. If we check chassi with "show enviro status", the box tells us that it only have one PSU working and one that's bad. If we pull the PSU that's reportered working, the switch still runs and working as it should. we have measured the current/voltage and it all is in the supported range of DC. Of course we can do a case and try to change the PSU for a new one and hope it works. Can this regard to some firmware in IOS/chassi/PROM/PSU? We have the latest prom-code installed and a stable version of  IOS XE. I can't find any field notices, release notes that covers this.

Any thoughts would be helpful;

Best J.


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If the PSU is working fine,

If the PSU is working fine, then I think this maybe a cosmetic bug. I would still open a TAC ticket to make sure the issue is resolved in the next release.


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Hello Reza and thank you for

Hello Reza and thank you for the quick answer.

I agree, it will be a TAC-case as soon i've ripped the show tech-support. For your information, we have "solved" there issue for the moment. We pulled and cut the power for the PSU. We dropped the PSU back into the slot and then reconnected the power. Now the PSU starts without any alarm and still works as it should. 

Regards J.

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Hello community, TAC states

Hello community, TAC states that this is a transient error and not sw/hw. The right way to manage this error is to follow the procedure described in first msg. Best J
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