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Shielded cable question

I am in a shop environment.

If i install a copper cable with shielding do I need to have it connected at both end ? I am wearing that I could have ground problems with a long run of cable. What if my 2 grounds on the switches are different can I damage the switchs ?


Re: Shielded cable question

Chances are you do not need shielded cabling. Using components (panels, outlets, etc) not specifically designed to carry the ground will just create an even worse problem, as will not properly implementing the grounding.

If this is primarily for Ethernet, then Unshielded cabling (UTP / Cat5, 5e, 6) will work just fine. The mdern cabling design (when installed according to specification), coupled with modern Ethernet transceiver design and construction can negate/ignore nearly all but the worst noise.

If you have a truely severe environment, then use fiber, and make sure you isolate your equipment as well from power line noise.

Shielded cabling should only be installed by "real cabling guys" using components designed for shielded cabling. There are so many ways to screw it up ....

Good Luck


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Re: Shielded cable question

Thanks Scott ! This is what I was expecting. I wanted to have a second opinion on my problem.

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Re: Shielded cable question

One other small point is that using shielded cables counter-intuitevely means your maximum distance is shortened. The shielding causes lots of capacitance, which messes up the impedence.

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