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show inventory on 6500

hello, i have ordered VS-S2T-10G-XL but when i am doing a show invetory it is showing it as VS-SUP2T-10G

also i have ordered WS-X6848-SFP-2T but in show inventory as WS-X6848-SFP.

below is the show inventory on my switch....  my question is that if this is the correct behavior on 6500 ??

new#show inventory

NAME: "WS-C6509-E", DESCR: "Cisco Systems, Inc. Catalyst 6500 9-slot Chassis System"

PID: WS-C6509-E        ,                     VID: V06,


PID: WS-C6K-VTT-E      ,                     VID:    ,


PID: WS-C6K-VTT-E      ,                     VID:    ,


PID: WS-C6K-VTT-E      ,                     VID:    ,

NAME: "CLK-7600 1", DESCR: "OSR-7600 Clock FRU 1"

PID: CLK-7600          ,                     VID:    ,

NAME: "CLK-7600 2", DESCR: "OSR-7600 Clock FRU 2"

PID: CLK-7600          ,                     VID:    ,

NAME: "1", DESCR: "WS-X6748-GE-TX CEF720 48 port 10/100/1000mb Ethernet Rev. 4.3"

PID: WS-X6748-GE-TX    ,                     VID: V06,

NAME: "WS-F6700-CFC Centralized Forwarding Card EARL sub-module of 1", DESCR: "WS-F6700-CFC Centralized Forwarding Card Rev. 4.1"

PID: WS-F6700-CFC      ,                     VID: V06,

NAME: "2", DESCR: "WS-X6848-SFP CEF720 48 port 1000mb SFP Rev. 3.0"

PID: WS-X6848-SFP      ,                     VID: V02,

NAME: "WS-F6K-DFC4-A Distributed Forwarding Card 4 EARL sub-module of 2", DESCR: "WS-F6K-DFC4-A Distributed Forwarding Card 4 Rev. 2.0"

PID: WS-F6K-DFC4-A     ,                     VID: V05,

NAME: "5", DESCR: "VS-SUP2T-10G 5 ports Supervisor Engine 2T 10GE w/ CTS Rev. 1.5"

PID: VS-SUP2T-10G      ,                     VID: V05,

NAME: "msfc sub-module of 5", DESCR: "VS-F6K-MSFC5 CPU Daughterboard Rev. 2.1"

PID: VS-F6K-MSFC5      ,                     VID:    ,

NAME: "VS-F6K-PFC4XL Policy Feature Card 4 EARL sub-module of 5", DESCR: "VS-F6K-PFC4XL Policy Feature Card 4 Rev. 2.1"

PID: VS-F6K-PFC4XL     ,                     VID: V02,

NAME: "WS-C6509-E-FAN 1", DESCR: "Enhanced 9-slot Fan Tray 1"

PID: WS-C6509-E-FAN    ,                     VID: V05,

NAME: "PS 1 WS-CAC-3000W", DESCR: "AC power supply, 3000 watt 1"

PID: WS-CAC-3000W      ,                     VID: V03,

NAME: "PS 2 WS-CAC-3000W", DESCR: "AC power supply, 3000 watt 2"

PID: WS-CAC-3000W      ,                     VID: V03,

Hall of Fame Super Blue

Re: show inventory on 6500

Your supervisor has this PFC -

NAME: "VS-F6K-PFC4XL Policy Feature Card 4 EARL sub-module of 5", DESCR: "VS-F6K-PFC4XL Policy Feature Card 4 Rev. 2.1"

ie. it is the XL version.

The WS-X6848-SFP shows without the 2T bit as this is the only linecard listed then you can assume it is the right one.

One point though. You have an XL supervisor but you don't say whether the linecard is XL or not. If it isn't then you need to understand that you lose the additional benefits of the XL ie. the system runs in DFC4 mode for the DFC linecards.

The XL version of the supervisor supports larger hardware tables for certain entries and that is primarily why you buy it. If you then install a DFC4 linecard that is not the XL version then the supervisor has to drop back to DFC4 mode for compatibility.  If you are buying the XL supervisor then usually you would buy the DFC4XL linecards to go with it.

Just to be clear, your linecard will work with your supervisor and it is more to do with hardware entries than actual throughput of data. So it is not a major issue as long as you didn't purchase the XL supervisor because you needed the larger tables.

See this link where, among other things, it covers the difference between DFC4 and DFC4XL and what happens if you mix them in the chassis -


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