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Shut down ports not in use for a specified time frame. sl_suspend_ports.tcl script is not working.


I am trying to use the scripts sl_suspend_ports.tcl and  tm_suspend_ports.tcl as attached. I have taken these scripts from this Cisco forum. However tm_suspend_ports.tcl script is working absolutely fine. But it seems sl_suspend_ports.tcl ssripts is not working, it is not removing the up ports from suspend_ports. I have tested the below scenario, I am seeing that sl_suspend_ports.tcl is not working. Please find the scenario below.

I am running the scripts in an 8 port Cisco 3560 switch. I made not shut all the ports. As of now all the ports are enabled,, but  not connected with any devices. I confiured the suspend_ports_days as 2.


Script ran at 00:00 time, stored all the inactive ports in suspend-port


Script ran agian at 00:00 , again stored all the inactive ports in suspend_port.

Note:- I enabled fast ethernet 0/6 switch port after ran this script, after then made this port down. One syslog has been auto logged for this by saying that this port was enabeld and down.


Script ran again at 00:00 time, it disabled all the port.

Ideally it should not be disable the port Fast ethernet0/6 as I enabeld the port on the first day after ran the script. I think sl_suspend_ports script is not working,  as per my understanding this script should monitor the syslog port up message and remove this  interface from suspend_port file. I attached both of the script below. Kindly let me know how to achieve this syslog up message tracking.

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