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%SIBYTE-SPSTBY-4-SB_EXCESS_COLL: Excessive collisions on mac 1

After implementing 802.1x port security on a native IOS Catalyst 6500 switch with redundant supervisor we received the following repeated error:

%SIBYTE-SPSTBY-4-SB_EXCESS_COLL: Excessive collisions on mac 1

followed by :

%SM-SPSTBY-4-BADEVENT: Event 'link_up' is invalid for the current state 'pagp': pm_port 3/31

-Traceback= 407B8F28 40F199F8 40F1A1C8 40F3BC08 40F3CB70 40F38460 40269144 402659C0 40267814 40262658 4025D3C0 40873B0C 40873AF8

SPSTBY: Last transition recorded: (dont_bundle)-> access (dont_bundle)-> access (dont_bundle)-> access (dont_bundle)-> access (cfg_access_vlanid)-> pagp_port_cleanup (cfg_access_vlanid)-> pagp (cfg_access_vlanid)-> pre_pagp_may_suspend (cfg_access_vlanid)-> pagp_may_suspend (pagp_continue)-> start_pagp (pagp_continue)-> pagp

We tried upgrading IOS release and reseating the standby supervisor but a few hours later we started receiving this error :

%SM-SPSTBY-4-BADEVENT: Event 'link_up' is invalid for the c

urrent state 'pagp': pm_port 8/3

-Traceback= 407C6AF4 40F45790 40F45F60 40F67BB0 40F68B18 40F64408 40269BE8 40266

464 402682B8 402630FC 4025DE64 408823CC 408823B8

SPSTBY: Last transition recorded: (dont_bundle)-> access (d

ont_bundle)-> access (dont_bundle)-> access (dont_bundle)-> access (cfg_access_v

lanid)-> pagp_port_cleanup (cfg_access_vlanid)-> pagp (cfg_access_vlanid)-> pre_

pagp_may_suspend (cfg_access_vlanid)-> pagp_may_suspend (pagp_continue)-> start_

pagp (pagp_continue)-> pagp

Does anyone knows if the problem is related with 802.1x or an hardware/software issue with the standby supervisor?

Best regards.


Re: %SIBYTE-SPSTBY-4-SB_EXCESS_COLL: Excessive collisions on mac

%SIBYTE-SPSTBY-4-SB_EXCESS_COLL: is actually not an error message, but an informational message with no

impact on the switch. The message means that an RMON statistics register has been wrapped around.

"RMON register wrapped around" basically means that it reached its maximum counter value and restarted from 0. This is just an

informational message and is caused by a RMON register that exhausts its counter value.

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