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Simulating Inter-Vlan-Routing


Within the next few weeks i'll be setting up trunking between my Switches and to the Router to work with ROAS. I'll also be looking into routing between VLANS but i dont have enough machines to stick in each VLAN to ping and test. I know of the 'no keepalive' on a ethernet interface on a router but no sure how i can acomplish this on a switch on a VLAN.

I guess this must be possible but i dont have the kit yet to play around with, its on route.

Does anybody have any suggestions?




Re: Simulating Inter-Vlan-Routing


You could do this with 1 x router, 1 x switch and 2 x PC's/Laptops?

You could do this with a router on a stick topology


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Re: Simulating Inter-Vlan-Routing

Hi Andrew, thanks for the relpy. Yeah i already have that in mind.

I want to configure a more complex topology with multiple VLANS. Ideally, what i want is to be able to test routing between VLANS but with out actully connecting a PC in each VLAN. Is this possible?

Thanks, Garry

Re: Simulating Inter-Vlan-Routing

Well yes - you could use 2 x routers, and 1 x switch.

Use the switch as the layer 3 device, and create various vlans. The on the 2 routers, create layer 3 interfaces - some on one router, some on the other and run a routing protocol or just static routes to config pings?

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Re: Simulating Inter-Vlan-Routing

Thanks Andrew, i'll give it a bash when my new router arrvies.

Re: Simulating Inter-Vlan-Routing

np - glad to help.

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