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single IP for two servers with two ethernet boards using cisco catalyst 4948

I have two cisco catalyst 4948 and two servers with two ethernet boards each.

With these hardware at hand, what is my best shot at having a configuration in which the best redundancy scenario is achieved and I end up with only one IP that later can reach any of the two servers.

thanks in advance.

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If you want to share a single

If you want to share a single IP between two servers then you are going to need either a load balancer, or special software support for sharing an IP address.  This is going to depend on your OS and application that you want to have HA.  But what you are describing is really best met with a load balancer ...

With regard to connectivity, for each server bond the NICs together in an active/standby configuring, and then plug each NIC into each server.

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These switches can be work together, one will be assigned as the Spanning root bridge and the other one as the back, now your server should have to NICs and configured as 'teaming' so the server will have 1 NIC connected to the primary switch and the other one connected to the backup switch.

Hope it is useful. 


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