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SLM2048 Slowiing down - Diagnostic Tool?


I have problem with SLM 2048 slowin down trafic every now and then and need rebooting to get back to speed. I have posted this Issue before an I have been adviced to get Information about processor load and trafic logs and so on. I have beel loking to the web console of the SLM2048 but I culd not find where the required informations can be (except of me log and flash log(empty)). I have some diagnostic tools packet trap pt360 and OpUtils5.0. BUT -- SLM 2048 does not support SNMP management so I can not get any info through those either.

Is there  any diag Tool aviable that culd easy monitor trafic, processor load and so on which can take this info from SLM2048?

Thanks All


New Member

Re: SLM2048 Slowiing down, new behaviour

Yesterday I have noticed another problem three of the computers lost connectivity, lights on ports were lighting steady for those three comp but link status said link Down. I have changet port same story. It looks as if the MAC's of thouse PC were excluded from the switch. after reboot they came back online. today same story with one yet another PC. Rest of the 25 PC were not affected.

Anybody has an idea what it may be? Or some hint for clever diag tool to monitor and colect port trafic data?


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Re: SLM2048 Slowiing down, new behaviour

I have just noticed that after reboot of the switch the  date goes to 1st of July 2009  15:38 . Ithink  this is not normal behaviour.


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