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Slow connection from 10/100 switch

In a home environment I have a Cisco EPC3925 conneected to a residential 3Com 10/100mbit Switch with a patch cable.

A PC connected also with a patch cable negotiate 100mbit with the Switch but between PC and Cisco Cable Router I only have 6mbit even the the Cable Router provide 50/30mbit outside. When connecting the PC directly to the Router the speed is growing to 30/15mbit so it seems that Switch and Router doesn't negotiate speed (to 100mbit). Anything I could be missing in the setup? or do I need another Switch (fx.10/100/1000) or of another brand?

Thx in advance from Denmark!

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Slow connection from 10/100 switch

Hi Joern,

can you please post results of this commands on router and also on switch?

show interfaces status

Sometimes autonegotiation is not recommended between router and switch especially in older models. I most cases duplex is wrong detexted and then communication can be slow.

So try to hardcode configure speed and duplex on your interfaces connected between router and switch.


interface fastethernet 0/1

speed 100

duplex full

And then check if your speed is better or not.

Hope this helps.


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Slow connection from 10/100 switch

Thx Jan!

I went through the Routers setup ones again but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any way to change the speed at all. The Router even don't display the speed set or actual, so I think my option will be to buy a new switch.

I did, however, discover that running the PC on WiFi I have much better speed, so that could be the option for my main workstations while old printers etc. without WiFi can still use the Swich.

Jørn (Joern)

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