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Slow in new network


we have migrated our network to cisco standard with 2 6500*Core layer and 2*6500 Campus layer and 2 * 6500 Datacenter layer with IOS version 12.2(18)SXF15a.

we are facing a slowness on the new network where there is no packet drop so could you please advice,


Re: Slow in new network


Congratulations on setting up your new network.

Latency can be caused by several different things: degraded connections, mismatched speed and duplex settings, some other misconfiguration, overutilization, oversubscription, faulty hardware, application-layer and databse issues that are divorced from the network, etc.

It may be easier to help you if you focused on one flow that is slow. Examine the traffic path device by device and interface by interface and look for any red flags.



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Re: Slow in new network

thanks victor,

i will be back

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Re: Slow in new network

hi victor,

the copy speed is increased by disable"large send offload" in server LANcard. please advice what this for and is there any option to do this on our Cisco switch 4948 or 6500

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Re: Slow in new network


is there any possible to increase the MTU size to 65535 in FWSM interface.

i can see a command MTU Max 65535 when we give a command help MTU

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Re: Slow in new network


i am getting some packet drop in VLan interface in FWSM please advice,

FWSM-Etihad/act# sh interface vlan 41

Interface Vlan41 "Server_Farm1", is up, line protocol is up

Hardware is EtherSVI

MAC address 001c.5839.a600, MTU 1500

IP address, subnet mask

Traffic Statistics for "Server_Farm1":

6101216040 packets input, 2042970692310 bytes

8271767659 packets output, 7642343790557 bytes

2126620 packets dropped


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Re: Slow in new network

You'll need to further clarify "standard". 6500 hardware has lots and lots of permutations with large deltas in performance. You also need to clarify topology, since with 6500s, performance can be restricted more by links between 6500 rather than the 6500s themselves.

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