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Slow netwk response time, TCP out of state, Dup Ack probs

At the core of our network we have a 7513 that points out to the Internet (via a firewall) and points to three 6509s. These 6509s are (fiber) trunked together, but also have FastEth (copper) links to the 7513. The 7513 is the entry point into the LAN from the other bldgs in our campus via ATM, TLS, or HSSI interfaces. Without getting too much in the weeds, suffice to say that we are using EIGRP, and we seem to having a variety of nagging problems like poor overall response time, our http proxy server's buffers filling and the server crashing, and the firewall logs showing "packet out of state" errors. I suspect problems with routing and/or MTU/MSS sizing on the core. I'm attaching the (partial) interface info from the 7513 These stats look bad to me but I'm looking for advice from forum members who are more knowledgeable than I am. The input errors, flushes, output drops, CRCs, overruns, and runts all concern me. I'm looking for any direction or advice. Thank you.

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Re: Slow netwk response time, TCP out of state, Dup Ack probs

Yes indeed your Ethernet11/0 and 11/3 indicate on cabling issues associated with

these ports (assuming your counters were

cleared recently, if not please clear them

again and see if CRCs numbers go up again)

Secondly, do you expierence normal Internet

connectivity from any VLAN/subnet ? or

whole network is affected ?

Did you try to establish connection to the

Internet right from behind the firewall to

exclude all your core devices ?

Did you try Internet access without Proxy ?



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