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Slow network speed after connecting to routers and switch


The following is my test setup I have running at my house for some practice and leaning

Some reason the PC1 which is a laptop is getting very horrid internet / download speeds, and I am trying to narrow down why.

Example, on my main desktop that is connected right to the Arris Cable modem / router I get around 34Mbps down.  But the laptop that is connected in the topology above, is getting 0.06 Mbps down

I am not sure if there are settings that need to be checked on the routers or what could cause this, I am figuring the traffic is bogging at some place.


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Update on some things I have

Update on some things I have tried

As I am not sure the cause, I have been reading and trying different things, last thing was to set the interfaces to Duplex Full

I did this on both the Ethernet ports on the routers, and both of the Fast Ethernet ports being used on the switch, but has not changed the speed that PC1 is getting.

Also turned on CEF on both routers

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Wanted to post an update,

Wanted to post an update, that I found the issue in my setup.

The clock rate setting between the 2 routers was taking the network speed down.  I had it at 64000 once I raised it to the max my routers could handle of 4000000 I am now at least getting about 4 Mbps which is acceptable at least.

Cisco Employee

 Hi apsenn001,What kind of


Hi apsenn001,

What kind of port you are using between two routers. Changing that to ethernet port may help you to get bandwidth more than 4 mbps




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