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slow response time when pinging to msfc of 6509


We have a 6509 CatOS with two Sup II (no SFM) acting as a core switch for a customer's network. I noticed that when pinging the active supervisor engine, the response time is perfect (< 1ms), but when pinging the msfc, the response time is about 280mms.

The traffic inside the LAN is low, but I noticed that several IDTs in different buildings have access ports in the same VLANs, probably not the best design. Everything else seems to be normal.

Any ideas to track the source of this problem? Could it be a Hardware issue? The core is 4 years old, uses CatOS 7.6 for Sup Engine.



Re: slow response time when pinging to msfc of 6509

I wouldn't worry about it , ping response is low on the msfc's list of priorities and will be higher . to test switch response you need to ping thru the switch from device to device . Pinging the msfc is really not a good way to test . Taking a look and see how busy the msfc is , do a "show proc cpu sort" . Normally msfc cpu should be fairly low as most packets should switched in hardware , if not that should be checked out to see why so much traffic would be hitting the msfc .

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Re: slow response time when pinging to msfc of 6509

Thanks for the reply.

The customer occasionally receives high utilization and high broadcast rate alerts on port 15/1 (msfc to sup link) from Cisco Works, showing a 6% traffic.

I am suspecting that a multicast package they use is the culprit. Are there any counters to check for that?



Re: slow response time when pinging to msfc of 6509

You would have to look at the individual interfaces , i believe there are multicast counters under the show interface command . Probably clear the counters and then start looking . And yes someone multicasting certainly can drive the cpu high if the switch is not configured to handle it .

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