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Slow speed issue in LAN

Hello Everyone,

I am having 2 CISCO catalyst G 3560 - 24 T ports Switch. In my office i am having 2 floors. All devices on 1st floor connected to 1st switch & all devices on Ground floor connected to 2nd Switch.

But i am facing slow connectivity problem for Ground Floor users Which are connected to 2nd Switch..

My connections are as follows:

Router (fa0/1) - Firewall (0/0)

Firewall (0/1) -- Switch A (0/1) --- LAN (1st floor)

Switch A (0/2) -- Switch B (0/1) LAN (Ground Floor)

What is the possible issue ? Please help me to slove this....



Re: Slow speed issue in LAN

Hi Vinayak,

It is very difficult to resolve the issue just by looking at the devices your are using. Appreciate if you give more details like

1- Type of traffic passing from switch

2- config file of devices

3- any addtional output from sh interface see traffic and different counter

4- sh ver of device to see ios and device type.

5- anything else which you feel you should share

Please provide inputs



New Member

Re: Slow speed issue in LAN

Hi Mahesh,

thanks for your reply..

I didnt configure anything in those switches. I just connected my LAN Devices to them. & about type of data. LAN Devices are used for Site-to-Site VPN & internet access.

Sorry i cant have Sh ver with me rit now..

Re: Slow speed issue in LAN

Hi vinayak,

Thanks for clarification...

As you said you configure nothing in that meaning all devices are in same vlan (same broadcast domain) including both floor

and the possible point to of check is between Switch A (0/2) -- Switch B (0/1) LAN and Switch<<>>HOSTS..

can you check speed/duplex setting between Switch A (0/2) -- Switch B (0/1) and also between Switch and HOSTS. In addition is it

possible to check "sh interface" output for  counters on both switch and between host and switch.



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