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slow TFTP transfer from PC to router

I have a Cisco 877w router and wanted to transfer a file onto the flash from my pc.

I ran 3CDaemon as the TFTP server.

My PC and router

did the command "copy tftp:// flash:" and

when it started transfering it took 83 secs to finish. The transfer bytes on 3CDaemon seemed to increase then pause then increase then pause and so on until it finished. File size is 977896 bytes.

Now when I tried to copy the same file from router to PC the transfer took 5 secs and the bytes counter increased without any pauses.

I have 1052672 bytes flash free. I have also tried booting with no config (apart from adding IP address to interface).

Tried from a laptop using 3CDaemon and using wireless link to transfer. Same problem occurs when copying from router to pc.

Anyone any suggestions?


Re: slow TFTP transfer from PC to router

Use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to copy the image file into the flash memory of the router.

Community Member

Re: slow TFTP transfer from PC to router

Do you mean to test the difference in case FTP does the same? Or do you mean use FTP instead for future transfers?

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