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New Member

Slow Transfer speed from a VMware guest server

I have a Catalyst 3560 switch I am running fiber from the server Nic to the switch 1000 gb. Transfer from the Server to a PC is between 3 - 4mb very slow from the PC to server 15 - 16mb. VMware tells me it is a setting in the switch Access mode?? I am new to Cisco and am unable to find much settings for this switch I believe it is mostly automatic. Any suggestions or how to set this up would be great full. right now everyting is set to the default settings


Re: Slow Transfer speed from a VMware guest server

Hi Peder.

Lake of the Woods is a wonderful place - I visited Flag Island last summer.

AS for your question, could you post a little more detail about your current config? Then we might be able to help you a little more.

Also, is it all types of traffic which is slow? How did you test it?


New Member

Re: Slow Transfer speed from a VMware guest server

current config is all default we are very unfalmilar with Cisco configurations. Duplex is auto, speed is auto, Port Fast is disabled, flow control is recieve off send N/A, VLANS set to default 1.

The way I am testing this is I have a 189,814KB file I transfer back and fourth and watch the speed on the 2008 server. We first noticed how slow it was when we did our backup of the server to our backup server. it took 26 hrs. It is has something to do with the fiber but we are lost as far as any additional setup that we may have missed VMware says it is the Cisco setup.


Re: Slow Transfer speed from a VMware guest server

Hi Peder,

Given the extensive cooperation and co-development between Cisco and VMware I think it's a strange thing that they do not give you more input than just saying that "it is the Cisco setup".

Cooperation in such a situation between various vendors is a necessity and a good service representative from VMware (in your case) would ask inside his own oganization about config references for a situation like yours. This simply because if it ends up in a "he says / she says" situation, neither VMware nor Cisco will benefit, because they will have an unhappy customer - you!

I'll try to suggest a config for the ports of a Cisco switch which is to be connected to the VMware servers, but as I do not have the full picture, it might not be correct:

interface g0/x

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

switchport mode trunk

switchport trunk allowed x,x,x (where x,x, are the vlans your VM setup needs)

spanning-tree bpduguard enable

If it does not give any improvement, then try post show run and show version from the switch, as well as a show interface g0/x from the interfaces connecting to the VMware.


New Member

Re: Slow Transfer speed from a VMware guest server


finally figured out how to do the show run etc. attached is the results called SW.doc