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Small campus network design

We have a new building about 300 meters from our main data center. 8 catalyst 4500 series switches will be installed for access layer. We are running a Nexus 7k on our data center, with a user VDC that we plan to connect these access layer switches. I plan to use two of eight

switches as the distribution/access layer switches (I plan to run two to four fiber from the Data center to these two switches and distribute the connection to the rest of the switches). Is what I am planning to do going to be practical? Please advice me the best approach/options to connect this small campus.
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If you have enough fiber (2x8

If you have enough fiber (2x8=16 pairs) between the data center and the campus, you can directly run all the access switches to the 7k and no need for distribution switches.

Also you said, you have one 7k. For redundancy you really need 2 7ks.

As for VDC, if this is all for the same organization, there is no need to connect the access switches to a different VDC.  If you do connect them to a different VDC and the users need to talk to data center you would need to run a physical cable between the data center VDC and the Campus VDC which defeat  the purpose.


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Reza,Thank you for your input


Thank you for your input.  Initially that was my suggestion, to connect all the access switches to the User VDC.  We do have a pair of 7k in our datacenter consists fo 3 VDCs, Data center, Admin and User.  My Data center specialist is resisting to run 16 pairs of fiber.  Hence, I am looking for other altenatives.

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Yes, then your alternative

Yes, then your alternative solution by putting 2 switches as distribution switches should work fine.

This way you only need 4 pairs of fiber.



Hello, pmpesha.Having 3

Hello, pmpesha.

Having 3 different VDCs, getting a distribution switch would be a better network practice. Have you also looked into the new Cisco 6800 switches? 

Let me know if you have other Cisco concerns or e-mail ( me directly. Kind regards. 

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