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New Member

Small Datacenter Design Help


I am looking for some help with regards to a small datacenter design.  My requirements and setup will be as follows -

  • Dell PowerEdge M1000E Blade Chassis (initially one full chassis)
  • Dell Powerconnect 10GbE Blade Switches
  • Dell Compellent Storage Array 10Gb iSCSI with redundant controllers
  • Dell Powerconnect 7024 dedicated external storage switches
  • VMware Virtual host blade servers
  • 2 x Cisco ASA for firewall (5525-X or similar in active-active configuration)
  • 2 x redundant routers or switches as gateway to public internet

I am looking to be able to segregate customers (approximately 100) into seperate VLANs at the access layer and route them up to the Cisco ASA firewalls using Dot1Q trunking for segregation.  The Cisco ASA's will perform NAT functionality and route to the redunant gateways.  I then need to police each customers traffic at the gateway to limit bandwidth and perform specific traffic marking along with simply routing out to the internet.

Budget is somewhat restrictive so I am looking for the most "cost effective" devices I can use at the gateway to perform the traffic policing/marking/routing for each customer. 

Also, is what we have initially suggested above appropriate to perform these requirements?

There may also be a requirement to terminate VPNs (client access and site to site) into the datacenter for each specific customer.  Are the Cisco ASA devices the most appropriate device to use for these or should I be thinking more along the lines of the Cisco ASR series routers and forget the seperate ASAs and gateway devices?


New Member

Small Datacenter Design Help

ok, I am happy to help with this design Nicholas.

Do you want to chat via email about the options?


my email is

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