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Smart Install and VTP


I'm trying out Smart Install and wonder if and how it is possible to distribute vtp config (domain, operation mode, password) in the process.


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Smart Install and VTP

You can.

I'm using ZeroTouch SmartInstall and the VTP informations are in my config files.

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Smart Install and VTP


How do you set it up? Du you use a custom configuration file?

I'm testing with a configuration backup as configuration file and VTP configuration is not stored in the configuration files.


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Smart Install and VTP

Du you use a custom configuration file?

You always use a "custom configuration file" if you enabled this option.

Your VTP details should be in this file (like I do) and it's there after the entire process is completed.

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Smart Install and VTP


How do you do that?

I tried it but can't get it to work. I get the default vtp configuratioin (vtp server,no domain or password)

I' using cat3560g as director as well as client with software version 122-55.SE5

configuring a custom connectivity group

vstack group custom GROUPNAME connectivity

image flash:c3560-ipbasek9-tar.122-55.SE5.tar

config flash:Configuration.txt

match host interface GigabitEthernet0/23

and creating a texfile with a basic configuration and adding the VTP configuration.


vtp domain TEST
vtp mode client
vtp password 1234


It downloads the software and the config and after som 25 minutes of downloading and rebooting I can se all configuration is applied except the vtp configuration. I can see It with show startup-config as is there in the custom textfile that has been downloaded to the switch but it is not applied to the switch.

I can telnet to it and do a copy startup-config running-config to apply the vtp configuration but that's not the way it should work.

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