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SMB Netwrok Equipment.

Hello, I need to design a network, here is the info about the company.

100 users max.

I need wireless coverage in one room 10x10 meters.

Internet access through ADSL (with VPN site-site).

So what is the best Routers and Switches shall i buy for this type of network?


Re: SMB Netwrok Equipment.

That's a loaded question.

We may need more info such as:

1) what type of protocols/services do you expect your network to support?

2) how much data do you expect your users/pcs/servers will put onto the network?

3) how many wireless connections are going to be required?

4) how many vpn site-to-site connections are going to be required?

5) what connection types to the network will your users/pcs/servers have? ie: 100mb or 1gb?

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Re: SMB Netwrok Equipment.

Hello gpulos thanks for your reply:

1) The network will have web, FTP, Messeging servers and one dedicated propritery database servers lets say 100 users /10 servers.

2)up to 20 MB per user / 100 MB per server.

3) I need up to 10 concurrent wireless sessions active at a given time (maximum).

4) 1 VPN site-site connection to HQ office that supports up to 5 concurrent connections.

5) most lickly it will be fastethernet 100MB for users and servers since there is no high load on the servers.

And thanks in advance for anyone participating.


Re: SMB Netwrok Equipment.


Now there are a few options out there as far as a Cisco solution goes but let me give you a solution that will cover your requirements.

Lets say each users will sustain 20mb and all at the same time, you'll need a switch that will handle the 2GB.

100 users can easily operate in a single vlan with these requirements but if you'd like to have multiple vlans and separate users, that will work too.

1) 2 x 3750-48TS switches; and 1 x 3750-24TS. (120 ports for growth)

(these are 10/100/1000mb switches with 48 cat5 ports and 4 SFP, fiber uplink, ports; (the 24 has 24 10/100/100gb ports and 2 SFP uplinks) both with a 32gb bus, 1U rack mountable and stackable))

(you can use the 'cisco stack wise' technology to interconnect the switches or use the SFP fiber to create etherchannel connections between them; stack wise is a better fit for this site since it is easier to administer and supports 32gb interconnects and you can easily add to the capacity of the switch stack when required)

2) 1 x 2821 router.

This device will allow for intervlan routing, if you so choose, as well as support your ADSL and VPN site-to-site connections.

(this is a modular device that supports over 90 different modules for custom configuration to fit your needs today as well as tomorrow.)

(be sure to include a module for the VPN (aim-vpn module) and the ADSL))

3) 1 x 1130AG Aironet wireless access point.

(a 1240AG will work as well but since it is for one room only and 10 users, the 1130AG should suffice)

(has a single 10/100mb uplink to the 3750 switch)

3750 Series Switch Link:

2821 Series Router Link:

1130AG Wireless Access Point Link:

You can use the Product Advisor Tool link below to assist you in verifying what products will support your requirements:

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Re: SMB Netwrok Equipment.

Hey gpulos thanks alot for this informative detailed information :)


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