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SNMP alert for a particular MAC address


I've been following the Cisco NetPRO forums for sometime now and i've been enjoying it quite thoroughly owing to the solutions it contains for real-world scenarios. Keep up the excellent job guys!

Now for my question - I would like my CAT 3550 switch to send out a notification to the syslg server when a particular MAC address is idetified on any of its ports. I've been reading up on SNMP and how to configure it and the only command that I could map closely to my requirement was the "snmp-server enable traps mac-notification". But this would throw up a whole lot of info that would be unnecessary, right? Any pointers on how I can achieve this? I've got CAT3550 for the access layer and Kiwi Syslog server for logging.

appreciate your time & effort to look into this ....



Re: SNMP alert for a particular MAC address

The snmp-server enable traps global configuration command to enable the switch to send Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) notification for various trap types to the network management system (NMS). Use the no form of this command to return to the default setting.

snmp-server enable traps [bridge | c2900 | cluster | config | copy-config | entity | envmon [fan | shutdown | status | supply | temperature | voltage] | flash | hsrp | mac-notification | port-security [trap-rate value] | rtr | snmp [authentication | coldstart | linkdown | linkup | warmstart] | stpx | syslog | vlan-membership | vlancreate | vlandelete | vtp]

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Re: SNMP alert for a particular MAC address

The easiest way I can think of is to create a permit MAC ACL for that particular MAC address and have it log at the end. Any log coming from that will send to your KIWI syslog server.

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Re: SNMP alert for a particular MAC address

That's a good workaround, never struck me that I could use the log option, thanks for the input ...good stuff!

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