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SNMP OID 3825, 3925

Please guide me in finding any MIB/OID regarding the node status (or something

equivalent) for following Cisco devices:

1) Cisco 3825

2) Cisco 3925



Nibin Rodrigues


Hi Nibin,I'm not exactly sure

Hi Nibin,

I'm not exactly sure I understand what you mean by "node status". A simple poll of sysUpTimeInstance ( will tell you if the device is operational and how long it's been up, but I'm guessing you're looking for more than that.

Can you explain what it is you're trying to do?


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The OID you are suggesting

The OID you are suggesting was one of those I was thinking to use, but this means that we need a sort of logic inside the Network Management System in order to understand if at generic time a fault  has occurred (anyway a reboot needs to happen!), you need to compare actual sysUpTimeInstance value (it's a STRING!) you get with the previous one. If the difference between the value is negative you had a fault!

For subcomponents of Cisco devices is generally available an OID instance with a precise INTEGER value related to the involved status.
6500 FAN tray, for instance, is associated with OID:

Available values for such OID are:
1 : other
2 : ok
3 : minorFault
4 : majorFault

So, the device itself is telling you what's going on. If yoou get INTEGER value 2 polling such OID the FAN status is OK! I don't need any interpretation of the value.
Also modules inside 6500 have such OID: 11 : other
 .2Module 22 : ok
 .3Module 33 : minorFault
 .4Module 44 : majorFault
 .5Module 5 (SUP) 
 .6Module 6 (SUP) 
 .7Module 7 
 .8Module 8 
 .9Module 9 

This is what I mean for node status as well: an OID telling you if any fault is present on the node itself.
Is such OID available for 3825 and 3925 routers?
I hope this clarifies.

Hi,Take a look at the


Take a look at the ciscoEntityAssetMIB and ciscoEntityFRUControlMIB as this might give you what you're looking for.

The ceassetOrderablePartNumber within ciscoEntityAssetMIB will give you a list of all components within the chassis, and then the ciscoEntityFRUControlMIB gives you information for each of those such as admin and operational status, last reset reason etc.


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