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SNMP POE Consumption returns inaccurate results

Hello everyone!

I have posted a similar topic a few months back without getting any replies so im hoping to get someones input this time

One of our end costumers is trying to poll the Total Power Consumption MIB (OID using Cisco Works and Cisco NCS from a 2960 switch

The problem is we notice we are getting inaccurate results, when the values differ greatly between what we see in Cisco Works/NCS and in the output of show power inline from the switch. We are polling and issuing the command at the same time and the results are not even close to each other.

Im providing screenshots of the results when issueing SNMP WALK and the output of the command show power inline from two switches showing the same


Have anyone encountered such an issue? Any suggestion on something we might be missing?

Thanks in advance.


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Hey there, did you get a

Hey there, did you get a response to this ever? I have the exact same issue

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I have the same issue. I

I have the same issue. I posted my own question a few months back but never got an answer:


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I'm not sure it's a bug. I'm

I'm not sure it's a bug. I'm monitoring 3750-X's. I guess it could be, but I think it's something to do with the "measured" part of the status. It records this OID as being power used as "measured". If that's the case then it's great because it means it's more accurate and show power inline. Show power inline seems to just add up the allocated power. 


It might be the OID is more accurate, it would just be nice to get confirmation of that fact.

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Last bump. Someone out there

Last bump. Someone out there must know what this value actually represents!

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