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SNMP - Trapping "Err-Disable" alerts


We have begun to implement BPDU Guard and UDLD guard in order to prevent layer 2 loops across our network, but have run across an issue with monitoring this solution.

I cannot see any command to enable the switches to send an SNMP trap whenever a port goes into Error Disable mode. This is something I'd consider critical in troubleshooting potential loops, or unauthorised addition of switches to the network.

If there is a way of getting IOS switches to send Err-Disable SNMP traps, then I'd really like to know what commands to enter for it to do this.

We use Cisco Catalyst 3750 PoE switches, with a mix of 24-port and 48-port models, with a mix of standard and enhanced images. We also use 3560 PoE switches. These switches are all less than 1 year old.

Kind regards

Graeme Porter

Community Member

Re: SNMP - Trapping "Err-Disable" alerts

Hi Graeme,

I'm not sure if this will help you but anyway here is what i know :

i don't know about an snmp trap for err-disable event but u can get this kind of information from syslog warning messages.

If u use an unix syslog, you could easily extract this information periodically.

Hope this will help

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