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SNMP Traps from a Switch

Hi all,

I am receiving snmp traps on my server from a switch telling me that interface FastEthernet0/1 is down.

I do not have trap notification turned on that should alert me for this type of information.

I do not care about individual interface notifications and I would like for this switch to stop sending these notifications.

How should I go about doing this?

Here is the snmp config for this particular switch:

snmp-server engineID local xxx

snmp-server community ***** RO

snmp-server community ***** RW

snmp-server location *****

snmp-server chassis-id 0x17

snmp-server host *****


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Re: SNMP Traps from a Switch

You have:

snmp-server host *****

If you enter this command with no keywords, the default is to send all trap types to the host.

For more information and options on this command, see:

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Re: SNMP Traps from a Switch

I found it.

Actually whats happening is there is also an SNMP poll being done on this device.

The poll looks at only interface Fa0/1 (meant to be more of a router poll than a switch poll).

Thanks for the reply though!

Cisco Employee

Re: SNMP Traps from a Switch

This would be correct if he had enabled traps, but traps were not enabled. In this case the snmp-server host command actually doesn't send anything.

He would also need snmp-server enable traps configured for it to send anything.

Re: SNMP Traps from a Switch

On the interface about which you wish not to have traps sent, in int config mode enter "no snmp-trap link-status" (check the syntax). We use this on non-critical ports (like user PC ports) but still send traps on interswitch/uplink ports.



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