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Software Upgrade for 4507 Sup II+

I am upgrading the image for the 4500 and last time that I did it, it didn't go well, actually it was a mess. So this time I want it to be smooth, hopefully. I went to and got a hand-out on upgrading the switch for 4500 switch. But I am not sure if it would work or not. I need you advice.

#config t

#config-register 0x2

#boot system flash:image



#auto-syn standard


#copy run start

#redundancy reload peer

#redundancy force-switchover

My question, do I have to do all of these steps to upgrade the software?

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Re: Software Upgrade for 4507 Sup II+

IME, you don't need all those steps to upgrade the IOS... here's how I generally go about it.

First, load new IOS into memory or onto flash card (my preferred method) from tftp server. Once the software is on one of the flash cards, I then copy it over to the redundant sup flash card. After that copy, I change the boot statement in the config to point to the new software. When you save the config, it will automatically update the config for the redundant sup. If you forget to copy the software to the redundant sup, you will get an error message when the auto-copy tries to sync the two sups. Then, once the new boot statement is in, simply force a switch-over to the redundant sup so it reboots the first sup, then force it back once the first one is done rebooting and the second one will reboot. Now both will be on new IOS. Done.

It's pretty simple, but you must remember to copy the new IOS to the redundant sup!

Good luck,


Bill C.

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Re: Software Upgrade for 4507 Sup II+

It didn't work. On the hand-out it says that it need to be running in mode RPR and we are using mode SSO...

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Re: Software Upgrade for 4507 Sup II+

I don't know why it wouldn't work... we are running in SSO mode and we do it all the time by the method described above. What is it you are trying to do when you get an error message?


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