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Source mac not being added with Vlans in packet tracer


I was doing a Lab in packet tracer:

two switches (2960's) and 3 end devices. On sw1 pc1 is connected to int fa0/11 and pc 3 is connected to int fa0/13. Both int belong to vlan 11 & 13

On sw2 PC 2 is connected to fa0/12 also belonging to vlan 11.

In this set up I can ping all devices. However the only mac address being added to the mac table are the def. int macs of each switches port. When I remove all int from vlan 11 & 13 and add them to native vlan 1 mac's are being added to the table.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a flaw with Packet tracer.

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Source mac not being added with Vlans in packet tracer

Hi Devin,

PT is fine there is no bug regarding this. You might already know that the MAC-table is refreshed for every 300 sec's, eliminating the records of unused mac's.So i think you probably have checked it after the flush.

Replica of your topolgy:

I replicated your topology and seen that the switches are learning MAC address appropriatley along with their VLANs. I've attached the topolgy.

Here is the VLAN config on switch1:

Here is the VLAN config on switch2:

The ports (Fa0/1)connected the both switches are configured to be trunk.

On switch1: PC0 (Fa0/11) is in vlan11 ( and PC1(Fa0/13) is in vlan13 (

On switch2: PC2 (Fa0/12) is in vlan11 ( There is no device on Switch2 for vlan13.

As you said, at first both switches will learn the mac's of the ports that are joining them.

Now if i ping PC0( from PC2(, then both the switches are learning the source mac and destination mac.

MAC table of Switch1:

Here it learned the MAC of PC2(000c.8518.9115) and the MAC of PC0(000a.411c.2132).

MAC table of Switch2:

Here it learned the source mac i.e, PC2 (000c.8518.9115) and the destination MAC i.e. PC0(


After 300 sec's if the devices won't communicate then the MAC of PC0 & PC2 from  both the switches will be eliminated.

Please find attachment for the live topology.



Regards, Chandu
Community Member

Source mac not being added with Vlans in packet tracer

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Regards, Chandu
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