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SPAN 6500

Hi All,

I have configured the SPAN for 6500

with  following command

set span 107-110,301-350 1/2

in sh run it shows below one including other parameter which i did not set:-

set span 107-110,301-350 1/2 both inpkts disable learning enable multicast enable create

but when i check the status of  SPAN it shows following status :-

Destination     : Port 1/2
Admin Source    : VLAN 107-110,301-350
Oper Source     : None
Direction       : transmit/receive
Incoming Packets: disabled
Learning        : enabled
Multicast       : enabled
Filter          : -
Status          : inactive

Total local span sessions:  1
ANd the port stauts of destination is here

sh port 1/2
Port  Name                 Status     Vlan       Duplex Speed Type
----- -------------------- ---------- ---------- ------ ----- ------------
1/2   IDS-02              notconnect 999          full  1000 1000BaseSX

Can you please check and let me know whether there is issue with my configuration for SPAN or it is inactive because the destination port is connected?

Thanks in anticipation


Cisco Employee

Re: SPAN 6500

Please refer to this link

By default,

both->both receive and transmit traffic is captured

inpkts disable->disabled reception of the incoming packets from the device connected to destination port

learning enable->Learning is enabled

multicast enable ->Multicast packet monitoring is enabled

So set span 107-110,301-350 1/2 perfectly matches what you see in running configuration.

set span 107-110,301-350 1/2 both inpkts disable learning enable multicast enable create

Span Session

When enabled, a SPAN session might become active or inactive based on various events or actions, and this would be indicated by a syslog message. The "Status" field in the show span and show rspan commands displays the operational status of a SPAN or RSPAN session.

A SPAN or RSPAN destination session remains inactive after system power up until the destination ports are operational. An RSPAN source session remains inactive until any of the source ports are operational or the RSPAN VLAN becomes active.

Let me know if this helps

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