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SPAN EtherSwitch Service Module

Dear All,

Please provide some info about SPAN capabilities and limitations of ISR EtherSwitch Service Modules (NME-XD-48ES-2S-P, NME-X-23ES-1G-P, ...).

For example, I was able to find this document:

where it says that SPAN is "across stack", whatever that means. So if I want to mirror a port from the module, I will have to stack the module first with external switch?


Re: SPAN EtherSwitch Service Module

A SPAN session is an association of a destination interface with a set of source interfaces. You can configure SPAN sessions using parameters that specify the type of network traffic to monitor. SPAN sessions allow you to monitor traffic on one or more interfaces and can send ingress traffic, egress traffic, or both to one or more destination interfaces. SPAN sessions do not interfere with the normal operation of the Cisco EtherSwitch module. The Cisco EtherSwitch network modules and HWICs support one SPAN session; however, frames on the SPAN port contain an 802.1q tag. The Cisco EtherSwitch service modules do not have this limitation.

The EtherSwitch modules supports these SPAN features:

• Allowance of one active SPAN session at any given time

• The mirror of all 16/36 ports in one SPAN session

• Allowance of only one destination

• The need for all SPAN ports to be on the same EtherSwitch

• Ability of the module to analyze EtherChannel via SPAN

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Re: SPAN EtherSwitch Service Module

Thanks for the answer. But it is an extract from a documentation, which I have already read.

I have posted a concrete question, after reading lots of documents.


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