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Spanning tree show spanning tree details timer


I would like to know if somebody can help me in finding somekind of defintion for the timers displayed with the utilisation of show spanning tree detail:

Timers: message age 3, forward delay 0, hold 0

Message age seems to be a counter incremented each time that a BPDU goes through a switch but I was never able to find any info about forward delay and hold.

Is there any of these values that indicate the time elapse since the last BPDU was received?

Thanks for your help



Re: Spanning tree show spanning tree details timer

From the online docs:

Message Age


"Each configuration BPDU contains these three parameters. In addition, each BPDU configuration contains another time-related parameter that is known as the message age. The message age is not a fixed value. The message age contains the length of time that has passed since the root bridge initially originated the BPDU. The root bridge sends all its BPDUs with a message age value of 0, and all subsequent switches add 1 to this value. Effectively, this value contains the information on how far you are from the root bridge when you receive a BPDU."

Forward Delay and Hold will increment if there is a delay in the receipt of BPDUs. IE, if you stop receiving them, those fields should increment until they hit the max configured time which is 15 and 1, respectively.

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Re: Spanning tree show spanning tree details timer


Do you know what is the meaning of hold? Can we configure it, the only parameters adjustable that I was able to find are the following:

forward-time Set the forward delay for the spanning tree
hello-time Set the hello interval for the spanning tree
max-age Set the max age interval for the spanning tree
priority Set the bridge priority for the spanning tree
root Configure switch as root

No mention of hold



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