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spanning tree

one stp topology is running if i will connect one more switch with it. Either it will affect our communication or not?

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Hi mukeshjindal, The two key

Hi ,


The two key points that spring to mind is where is the root bridge?

If the switch you are adding is an edge / access device, make sure it has the default bridge priority of 32768.

As long as your root bridge has a lower priority (0 preferably) the rest of your network will not reconverge when you add the new switch.


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mukeshjindal, Jason is



Jason is correct you want to manually set a root bridge so as to not have issues when adding new switches down the road. 

On another note you might want to also look into "spanning-tree rootguard" or "spanning-tree guard root".  This will disable ports (put them back into learning state) who would become the root bridge due to their BPDU advertisement.


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