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src-dst-ip enhanced PFC4 Sup2T - removing enhanced

6509 VSS with Sup2T PFC4 running in default mode 'src-dst-ip enhanced' for etherchannel load balancing. My understanding is that this includes the VLAN when doing it's calculations.

We believe this might be causing problems for our 5508 wireless controllers, which are stable when there is a single member in the ether-channel, but as soon as we add another, it becomes unstable.

It is documented that the controllers require plain 'src-dst-ip', and with the PFC3C there was a command to enable this:

"With the Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(33)SXH6, there is an option for PFC3C mode chassis to exclude VLAN in the Load-distribution . Use the port-channel load-balance src-dst-ip exclude vlan command in order to implement this feature. This feature ensures that traffic that belongs to a LAP that enters on the same port."

This command is not available on the Sup2T with PFC4 running IP services 12.2(50)SY4. I can't see anything similiar either, or anything from Google.

How can we get src-dst-ip without any enhancements on our platform, to see if this helps resolve our issue?


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src-dst-ip enhanced PFC4 Sup2T - removing enhanced

ever get a reply to this ??

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